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To ensure your safety, our products are certified with the PS or ICC Mark     

As of July 2010, there are 85 Philippine National Standard (PNS) declared as  mandatory for products that affect life, safety, and health of the general public.

The manufacturers and importers / distributors of automotive safety glass must acquire the Philippine Standard (PS) license and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certificate, respectively, prior to distribution and sale of these products in the Philippine market. These marks are the consumer’s allies in ensuring product quality and safety.    


Aguila Auto Glass® only sells glass that are compliant with

PNS130:2004. Safety Glass types and uses are defined as;         


· Laminated Glass :  used for front windshield and any other
portion of the vehicle. 
· Zone Tempered Glass :  used for front windshield only. 
· Fully Tempered Glass :  used for back and sides of vehicle only. 
Aguila Auto Glass Quality Standards


Automotive safety glass is not the same as automotive glass.

Is a few pesos worth the risk of driver and passenger safety?

You can be sure that all automotive glass sold by Aguila Auto Glass (Universal Glass Co. Inc) is tested and compliant as provided for by Republic Act 4109 and Department Administrative Order # 5, Series of 2001. All AGUILA AUTO GLASS (Universal Glass Co. Inc.) automotive automotive replacement glass is certified under the Philippine Bureau of Product Standards Philippine Standard (PS) and Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) scheme. Insist on buying only automotive safety glass with the PS or ICC Mark.
Aguila Auto Glass. A trusted brand since 1952. Reliable and Safe.


For imported products, the BPS runs the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification scheme and is covered by Department Administrative Order No. 5:2001: Revised Rules and Regulations Concerning the Issuance of the Import Commodity Clearance.

ICCs are issued to importers whose shipments have been found to conform to the requirements of the relevant Philippine National Standards or acceptable international or foreign standards. In addition to satisfactory test results of import shipments, BPS conducts random checks at market outlets to make sure that imported shipments consistently meet the requirements of the applicable
Philippine standard


It is a product certification scheme in which a manufacturer obtains a license to use the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and Safety Marks for its capability to consistently manufacture products in accordance with a specific Philippine National Standard (PNS) or an international accepted foreign standard. This scheme is covered by Department Administrative Order No. 01, Series of 1997: Revised rules and regulations concerning the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and/or Safety Certification Mark Scheme.

The PS license is issued to a manufacturer whose product has successfully passed the requirements of a PNS. With the license, the manufacturer affixes the PS Mark on its product or product package.

The PS Quality Mark can be found on locally manufactured products and/or in products manufactured in foreign country with the existing bilateral arrangement with the Philippines from BPS. It assures consumers that the product they are buying conform to the specific Philippine National Standard or an internationally accepted foreign standard.

The PS Safety Mark, on the other hand, when found on a product, especially a household appliance or electrical products, guarantees the product's conformance with relevant safety requirements.