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Aguila Auto Glass has windshields, windows and replacement glass for all major car brands from all over the world.  Click on a region to see our complete list of supported Makes and Models.

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Aguila Auto Glass sealant
Aguila Auto Glass uses only WX185 polyurethane adhesive. WX185 is primerless, allowing direct glazing and quick, easy, and cost-efficient installation. No need to spend on primer or wait for the polyurethane to settle. Our service providers simply apply it on the pinchweld, mount the glass on your vehicle, and in just 2 hours you can drive away assured that your glass is well installed. WX185 boasts good initial adhesion, high strength, fast solidification, and unlike acetic silicone, WX185 is non-corrosive and will not damage the pinchweld of the vehicle, preventing future problems like leaks. WX185 also boasts good resistance to both aging and the weather. 

For easy extrusion of the WX 185, Aguila also carries heavy duty sausage guns that will work for 400mL and 600mL sausages. 

With over 60 years of experience, Aguila Auto Glass trusts and only uses WX185. 

Available in 400mL and 600mL. 

Aguila Auto Glass Type S wipers
Now available in all Aguila Auto Glass branches: Type S DuraBlade windshield wipers. Available in 16, 18, 19, 20, 22 and 24 inch, Durablade windshield wipers fit a wide range of passenger vehicles. Durablade boasts clear performance, has an anti-rust finish, protecting it from corrosion, and riveted joints, enduring quiet operation and an even pressure to prevent streaks. Durablade: “The Premium standard in traditional wiper blades”.

AGUILA AUTO GLASS now carries wipers!

Safe driving begins with a clear windshield. In the rain, visibility depends on the quality of your windshield as well as the quality of your wipers. 

To help you on your way when it rains, Aguila Auto Glass now carries Type S Durablade wipers. These wiper blades help provide a cleaner, clearer, enhanced field of view, pride themselves with a smooth and streak-free performance, and are designed for all weather conditions.

Durablade wipers are manufactured from high quality steel and natural rubber that meets all original equipment manufacturer’ standards.

Available in the following sizes: 
  • 12 inches
  • 14 inches
  • 15 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches
  • 19 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 22 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 28 inches
They also fit the following wiper arm sizes: 
  • Small J-hook arm (9x3)
  • Large J-hook arm (9x4)
  • Bayonet arms
  • Small pin arm 3/16 in.
  • Large pin arm 1/4 in.
From compact cars to trucks and even some buses, our wipers serve a large range of vehicles. 

Durablade wipers are now available at all Aguila Auto Glass branches. 

For inquiries, call our Hotline Number: 63-GLASS (45277)

You can also email us at

To find a branch near you check out our branches.

SAUSAGE GUN Aguila Auto Glass sausage gun
We carry top quality WX-185 polyurethane adhesives and silicone sealants that are hard-wearing and are the prescribed for your vehicle glass installation.
Our Polyurethane Sealant is primarily used for proper installation of replacement of your vehicle’s glass. These are principally applied for the binding of the windscreen and side window glass to the glass and window frame of the vehicle. 
The sealant is also vital in joint-filling and fastening of glass requirements of buses and trucks as well.
WX-185 Polyurethane Sealant Product Benefits & Features:
  1. Single Component, Wet Solidification, and No Dripping for Vertical Plane Construction
  2. Elastic, Good Initial Adhesion, and Moderate Intensity
  3. Good Gap-filling Capacity
  4. Short  Drawing Wire When the Gluing Stops
  5. No Corrosion on Base Material, No Penetration Pollution
  6. Little Volatile Odor
  7. Good Ageing Resistance
  8. Available in 400 and 600ml soft tubes.
We also have available a choice of General Purpose or Construction Grade Silicone Sealants, available in Black or Clear.
Just the thing needed for the following applications:
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Aluminum
  • Tiles
  • Ceramic
  • Non-Oil Woods
  • Baseboards
  • 100% Silicone
  • Strong adhesion 
  • Odorless
  • Waterproof
  • Air Tight
  • UV & Weather Resistant
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-slumping
  • Low Shrinkage (Low Modulus)
  • Permanently Elastic
Available in 300ML bottles.

Our heavy-duty manually operated Caulk guns are specified for 600ml and 400ml Polyurethane Adhesive sausage. Packaged with five (5) plastic extra cone nozzles. 

  • Lightweight Aluminum body
  • Aluminum alloy handle
  • Aluminum alloy trigger 
  • 400ml and 600ml sausage capacity
  • 1:1 Thrust Ratio (400ml) 
  • 18:1 Thrust Ratio (600ml)
  • Smooth rod for easy dispensing
  • Easy adjustment for caulk flow
  • Quick cartridge loading and removal
  • Ergonomic trigger grip for added comfort during use
  • Seal puncture tool

Aguila Auto Glass tools
It’s time to roll up your sleeves and put your auto glass removal DIY ability to use! 

All auto glass removal DIY projects must start with the precise tools for the job. No compromise here. 

Aguila Auto Glass offers auto glass removal knife tools to guarantee all jobs big or small can be accomplished successfully, making you and your vehicle happy with our hand tools range, no matter what your next DIY project is, when you have the right tools auto glass replacement is a breeze.
Aguila Auto Glass offers the following tools:

LOTA Windscreen Wiper Removal Tool
  • Special design offers easy access in confined spaces and eliminates the risk of damage to the wiper arms.  
  • A simple, effective tool allowing easy removal of stubborn wiper arms
  • Sizes : 
    • 16x46mm
    • 26x46mm
OLFA Cutter Blade XL-2 Model
When you need a little distance between your hand and what you're cutting, reach for this extended-length utility knife. The knife's blade channel extends the full length of the knife, providing the stability needed for the extra length. Use this utility knife for construction materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring materials, insulation, and roofing materials.
  • Ratchet-lock mechanism
  • High-impact ABS handle
  • Extended stainless steel blade channel support adds 5-1/2" of reach
  • No tool blade change
  • Preloaded with an LB silver snap-off blade
UltraWiz Cable Knife
UltraWiz Ultra Thin Lever Knife – 1-1/4" wide x 3/4" high. Weighs 12 ounces. Allows for fully adjustable blade lengths. Quick release mechanism for easy and gast blade changes. Fully adjustable placement of blade in knife. In-line cable-pull attachment. Heavy-duty steel eyelet at end of cable pull for added strength. 
Kit includes 2-1002M 1” long blade.
  • Lever action allows full blade positioning
  • Quick blade release offers techs multiple blades for chasing
  • Inline cable pull with foam covers for comfort

UltraWiz Double Cold Knife 8 ¾”
By using one set screw, the technician need only loosen the screw to replace the cutting blade; a simple twist will hold it in place. This design allows the user to adjust the height of the handle to work around the elevation changes of the vertical wall of the pinchweld found on some of today's vehicles. The UltraWiz UltraOne comes with a heavy duty pull cable featuring the strongest stainless mount in the industry.
  • One set screw allows quick changes and a fully adjustable blade
  • Unique durable foam cover for scratch resistance and comfort
  • UltraWiz Blade made of spring steel for superior strength and sharpness

  • 1 ¼” Knife Blade
  • 1” Knife Blade
  • 1” Coated Knife Blade
  • 1” Offset Knife Blade
  • 3/4” Knife Blade
  • 3/8”  Knife Blade

The cold knife makes auto glass removal simple and easy. Aguila Auto Glass is a dealer of Ultrawiz Auto Glass Tools, carrying both the classic cold knife, as well as the quick release cold knife.  

We also carry replacement blades of different kinds, as well as other glass tools.
Aguila Auto Glass laminated glass
Laminated glass is made of two or more panes of glass that are “sandwiched” together by a layer of plastic, or PVB (polyvinyl butyral). The plastic comes in varying sizes and can be clear or tinted. This interlayer will keep the glass panes alongside one another even when fractured.

One of the most notable characteristic of laminated glass is that when it shatters, the broken glass sticks to the plastic rather than scatter into bits and pieces. 

For vehicle windshields, the glass must be sufficient enough to endure the harsh elements and wayward debris, and furthermore protecting the vehicle’s passengers. This is why laminated glass is the best type of glass for windshields. 

For others applications, this particular glass is specified where broken glass has a higher  chance of landing on and injuring someone. Windshields, sky lights, and several side car or truck door windows utilize this style of glass.
Here’s a number of other uses of our Safety Laminated Glass :
  • Canopies
  • Ceilings
  • Laboratory & Research Facilities
  • Architectural Use
  • Side panels & partitions
For inquiries, call our Hotline Numbers: 63-GLASS (45277)

You can also email is at

To find a branch near you check out our branches 

Aguila Auto Glass 1 piece BUS windshield
Serving both bus manufacturers and operators, Aguila Auto Glass is truly the leader in replacement glass for buses. We currently carry 22 different brands of buses, spanning 88 different models. Windshields are available for both once-piece and two-piece models. And with over 20 different locations as well as onsite replacement, Aguila can help you keep those buses running. 

Damage to the windshield or window of your bus is always unanticipated and definitely unwanted. But when this unpredictably happens, you need the immediate support of a reliable and dedicated company that understands and can respond to your needs.

This is where 65 years of expertise and experience steps in. Aguila Auto Glass specializes in replacement windshields and side glass for U.S., Asian, and European brand buses, as well as other vehicles.  

We carry the widest on-hand supply and inventory in the bus segment, and serve our customers by providing the highest quality product. Our other products include a wide range of safety laminated glass, acrylic plastic, sealants, rubber rolls, mouldings, accessories, wipers, and automotive tint.

Yes we deliver. Just simply call us and let us know where you want us to go. It has always been our mission to put your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. And the delivery service is free of charge.

In keeping with strict consumer safety standards, our automotive glass products are proudly certified and have the Philippine Standard Mark of Quality (PS Mark) and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification.

For inquiries, call our Hotline Number: 63-GLASS (45277)

You can also email us at

To find a branch near you check out our branches.

Aguila Auto Glass acrylic
From simple shop fittings to elaborate custom designs, Acrylic plastic can be effortlessly cut, glued or thermoformed to produce your desired product. With glass-like qualities of clarity, brilliance, transparency and translucence, it is light weight, and impact resistant.

Lighter and with higher impact strength than ordinary glass, acrylic plastic can easily be used to create unique designs for all applications with a wide range of colors and thicknesses.

The modern automotive industry incorporates acrylic plastic for products in numerousvehicle parts,such as windows and panels.The acrylic plastic’s high-impact resistance, outstanding optical qualities, resistance to heat and chemicals, excellent weathering properties, and light weight transforms into countless different uses for any type of vehicle and marine transport.  

Not only are they easy to fabricate and install, but are being break resistant they are also exceptionally durable.

Acrylic is used in a wide, flexible range of applications, to mention a few:
  • Commercial POPs, product display racks, mounts, shelving and other retail fixtures
  • Advertising materials like signs, standees, poster mounts, and frames
  • Hobby fixtures such as aquariums or terrariums 
  • Agricultural requirements for instance, greenhouses and seed storage
  • Medical use for laboratory parts, medical devices, and optical parts and equipment.

Aguila Auto Glass isn’t just about glass. We also carry high grade acrylic plastic. With thicknesses ranging from 1.5mm to 25mm, and coming in a range of colors, there are many many applications. From displays to signages to furniture, the only real limitation is your imagination. 

Aguila Auto Glass rubber rolls and mouldings

Mouldings are a part of the fitting system that seals your auto glass to the frame of your vehicle. Each piece of moulding is a long, rubber serrated tube that fits precisely in each of the windshield, back light, windows, and the body frame.
Weather strips keep water and wind from getting inside the car through the edges of the glass. After years of battling the elements every day, it eventually weakens and needs to be replaced. 

Our rubber products are manufactured to meet commercial high-grade specifications. Capable of withstanding unforgiving elements and temperature, our products have excellent stretching capabilities while remaining strong enough to be elastic.

For inquiries, call our Hotline Number: 63-GLASS (45277)
You can also email us at
To find a branch near you check out our branches.

Aguila Auto Glass tint
Car window tinting is probably one of the easiest ways to improve the comfort and look of your vehicle. This by far, is one of the most popular upgrades sought after by any car owner, regardless of the vehicle’s age. Window tinting not only provides added comfort and security, but it also perks up the look your vehicle.

We offer affordable, quality window tint and tinting services. Our Lumina car window range of window films are made of high quality polyester, and are good choices for anybody looking for an affordable window tint that won’t shatter your budget.

Available in a variety of shades you can choose from, you control the appearance and darkness of your vehicle’s glass. Definitely this will add a sophisticated look to your vehicle’s appearance. Tint shades available: Medium Grey, Dark Grey and Super Dark Grey.
For your vehicle’s looks and comfort:  
  • Increased good looks and better privacy
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Excellent heat rejection
  • Excellent reduction of sun glare 
  • Protects the interior of your vehicle
  • Improves air conditioning efficiency in the car
  • 05% - 35% VLT depending on shade
Lumina car window films also available in 5x100 Ft. (1.5 x 30.4 Mts.) rolls.

For inquiries, call our Hotline Number: 63-GLASS (45277)
You can also email is at
To find a branch near you check out our branches.