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Aguila Auto Glass Pasig C-5
Whether early in the morning or late in the afternoon, Aguila Auto Glass - Pasig C5 branch is open to serve you with its extended service hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Saturday.

Aguila Auto Glass Gawad Kalinga
Gawad Kalinga Partners With Aguila Auto Glass

As a proud supporter of Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc., the Aguila Auto Glass family hopes that their participation will enable Filipino residents in these Gawad Kalinga homes will see a brighter life in the horizon and most importantly, build a better future for themselves.

Aguila Auto Glass is a dynamic partner of community provider Gawad Kalinga where the company has been a tireless donor of window glasses to Gawad Kalinga communities since 2008. They have provided a very generous amount of window glass panes for hundreds of homes across Gawad Kalinga’s housing projects.

The Aguila Auto Glass family shares the same mission with Gawad Kalinga pertaining to nation building and in the hope of do away with poverty by helping homeless Filipinos, and building communities for them to become noble and industrious components of society.

Aguila Auto Glass is appreciative for this partnership with Gawad Kalinga in mutually sharing a selfless commitment to the journey in being one with the nation to end poverty.

Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc. (GK) is a Philippine-based movement that aims to end poverty for 5 million families, by first restoring the dignity of the poor.

Aguila Auto Glass Bahay Maria

Only a handful of companies in the Philippines get to persevere endless challenges that eventually set them apart from the rest. One of those companies is Aguila Auto Glass, still very much going strong in taking-on challenges at 65 (yes, sixty-five) successful and committed years.
Benevolently growing into over a half-century of safety, quality, and reliability, Aguila Auto Glass took time and heart in honoring its founders Atty. Lauro C. Aguila and Maria G. Aguila last June 16, 2017 at Bahay Maria.

Founded in 1984 by the ASSISI DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, Bahay Maria is HOME and FAMILY to street children, many of who are babies for adoption, toddlers, children and youth from the Metro and nearby provinces. This compassionate home provides these children with basic essential needs such as shelter, food, clothing, safety and security, medical attention and hygiene, while its programs provide quality education, values and spiritual development, social welfare and empowerment and the encouragement of cultural activities to help keep the children off the streets.
Sharing in the mission to care, impart, and secure a bright future for our homeless children, Team Aguila Auto Glass has tirelessly supported Bahay Maria since November 2005.
Coinciding with this occasion was the commencement of the Development Therapy Program, co-pledged with Aguila Auto Glass that was undertaken in Bahay Maria’s development curriculum. This program was enjoyed through the months of April and May.

In commemoration of Aguila Auto Glass’ Founders Day merriment and festivities, Ms. Josephine Aguila-Borromeo, Ms. Sophia Borromeo-Mirasol, Ms. Maria Teresa Reyes, and Ms. Fionna Marie Borromeo-Casilan led Team Aguila Auto Glass in celebrating this juncture with the children of Bahay Maria in Makati City.

Aguila Auto Glass Philippine Eagle Foundation
Eight Years And Still Soaring!
Aguila Auto Glass And Philippine Eagle Foundation Partnership  

The Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) focuses on the great Philippine Eagle not only to recover its dwindling population, but also to protect its forest habitats and ensure the sustainable use of the forests’ bounties for human settlers as well. 
Through their conservation breeding program, the foundation’s mission is to augment the species' dwindling population by releasing captive-bred eagles back to their natural habitat. 
To date, the foundation has successfully produced 28 captive-bred eagles.
The PEF firmly believes that the fate of our vanishing Philippine Eagle, the health of our environment, and the quality of Philippine life are inextricably linked. 
The PEF is wholly committed to advance the survival of the Philippine Eagle, the biodiversity it represents, and the sustainable use of our forest resources for future generations to enjoy. Aguila Auto Glass shares this same vision and has been supporting PEF since 2009. 
More than the partnership and co-branding, the years of unceasing support from Aguila Auto Glass enthuses the foundation to move further through modest donations, such as laminated safety glass and acrylic fixtures for PEF’s overall laboratory application design and use. These facilities enable PEF to study and continue scientific measures in caring for the eaglets and elders alike.
By working indefatigably with Aguila Auto Glass and numerous organizations and committed people from all walks of life, the Foundation hopes the Philippine Eagle will eventually be taken off the endangered species list.

Aguila Auto Glass Mapua Team Cardinals
Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the pioneers in the Shell Eco-marathon Asia which promotes energy-efficiency, safety, teamwork, and design. 

Always leading the way, the school keeps being one of the leading competitors, especially in the Philippines. Aguila, a prototype concept – gasoline energy, has already set its name in the competition “Shell Eco-marathon” and has been featured in a wide channel of print media. “Aguila Auto Glass” read one such literature about the Aguila car and decided to sponsor the university team. From then on, Aguila has retained its name from 2014 up until today.

Aguila was especially made by a team of crack engineering students from MIT for the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia track, but it wasn’t able to go into battle since the competition was cancelled due to unfavorable weather. 

Aguila was still able to proudly bag the Off-track award in “Technical Innovation” for the gasoline energy type for its indigenous rattan (thin pliable stems of a palm) seat. In 2014, Aguila ranked 6 out of 13 competitors in the gasoline energy type with 158.6km/l at Luneta Park, Manila. In 2015, it ranked 8 out of 22 with 126km/l at Manila. And for the first time in the country, a prototype gasoline was able to achieve 335km/l! And ranked 2nd in its category last competition
Aguila will compete along with Hiraya, an urban concept – diesel energy, in the first ever Shell Eco-Marathon Philippines on February 2-5, 2017 in Clark International Speedway and the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia on March 16-19, 2017 in Changi Exhibition Centre where students from around the world innovate themselves to construct the most energy efficient vehicle for the future of mobility.
Aguila Auto Glass, along with other sponsors, funded Aguila to be what it is today. Without Aguila Auto Glass, its continuous development would be deterred thus lessening its competitive edge. Mapúa Team Cardinals has closely kept its partnership with Aguila Auto Glass as it is one of the most trustworthy companies up to date thus helping in promoting the advocacy of the team. Mapúa Team Cardinals believes that continuous development over an innovation is what kept Aguila Auto Glass and Aguila competitive in its field.

Aguila Auto Glass CTAP
Driving With The Best. Your Vehicle. Our Mission.
With a formidable membership force of 15 trucker groups nationwide, the Confederation of Truckers Association of the Philippines (CTAP) has always been at the forefront of advocating the trucker’s cause, and maintaining its commitment to help the country’s economic programs.
A long standing relationship with Aguila Auto Glass ensures CTAP of a full-line of U.S., Asian, and European truck and auto glass products.
Ready to supply trucks of most makes and models, and with over 20 branch locations nationwide, Aguila Auto Glass ensures that these trucks that companies heavily rely on for trade and business are up and safely running. 
Aguila Auto Glass specializes in reasonably priced replacement windshields and side glass for U.S., Asian, and European brand trucks, as well as other vehicles. Other products available include safety laminated glass, acrylic plastic, sealants, rubber rolls, mouldings, wipers, and tint.
In keeping with strict consumer safety standards, our automotive glass products are proudly certified and have the Philippine Standard Mark of Quality (PS Mark) and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) certification.

Aguila Auto Glass is committed to help you keep on truckin’!

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